Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Interview with Raven Morbidicity

 Raven Morbidicity
Where You Reside: Post Falls, ID
How Long have you been doing this?  
Since January 2012
What got you into the game? 
It has always been a dream of mine. 
What are your favorite styles to model? 
anything Dark and Morbid, preferably goth
What is your favorite feature about yourself? 
My eyes of course, there is just something about them that I love to accentuate them.
What are your goals as a model? To show that age and looks do not matter as long as you are driven and determined, you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you never give up.
Is there any publications you've accomplished while modelling? 
My favorite pics are posted on Deviantart.com 

Is there any work that you are exceptionally proud of?   
My graveyard photoshoot is awesome and it is my favorite one.
 Do you have any tips, tricks, advice or wisdom you would be willing to share? 
a tip, follow your heart, and know that no matter how high the goal, you can achieve it if you never give up.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
Write poetry, I read and I love music and I love doing crafts! I make most of my accessories
What is a day in the life of "Raven Morbidicity" Like?  
wow, I dont really know how to explain it, but when I am posing for my photos, it is the most amazing feeling. it can be exhausting though, and the time flew by when I did my first three photoshoots. The makeup and hair usually takes me up to an hour, and fifteen for my accessories. So a day in my life is fun, but very busy. :)
What type of music do you listen to? 
all kinds, but I am not a huge country  music fan. I like horrorbilly/rockabilly.  The Creepshow is awesome, so are the Horror Pops. I listen to Zombina and the Skeletones when I clean house cause it gets me motivated, and I listen to Kerli when I need to be inspired! I also enjoy celtic music.
What are the 5 things you can’t live without? 
My laptop, my phone, crafting supplies , my journal and my art supplies. I know I seem shallow, but I have become so accustomed to using these things that they are difficult to live without.
Do you have any unusual talents? 
I love to write. And i love to do hair and craft, I consider the things I like to craft or poetry I write to be individualistic, therefore since I am unusual, I think those would be considered unusual.
 Is there anything about yourself you would like to share with us? 
I often get compared to Abbey from NCIS, lol because I enjoy wearing my hair in pigtails. I also enjoying making things for my friends. I am as friendly as can be I am just very individualistic and considered morbid. 
Thanks so much Raven for taking the time to share with us <3 

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